Palm Dots NF inside pocket question

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  1. Dear TPF friens who own a Palm Dots NF, please help!

    I just discovered, that the inside pocket with zip is much smaller than the one of my two other Neverfulls! Not the outside size, this is the same, but inside its's much smaller!
    I found out, because I couldn't fit the same things like in the others. Here is a picutre withe my Emile wallet inside. You can see, that there is an "empy part" until the stiching. The inside pocket, is much smaller than the outside! This looks strange and is not ok IMO!

    Could you please check the pockets of your NFs, if this is normal for this edition? Otherwise I will have to bring it back, after about two weeks of not using and tanning her :sad:.

    Thank you very much in advance!

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  2. I have to explain, that my other 2 Neverfulls are the original models. Lining with the Monogram flowers, singature and the pocket with plastic like inside. Maybe this smaller pocket is normal for all NF NM???

    Please can anyone tell me? Thank you!
  3. Nobody here with a Neverfull new model, who can tell me about the inside zipper pocket?
  4. My MM NF inside pocket looks the same as yours. It is the mono with fuscia. I purchased it about a month ago and it is my first NF so I do not have an older model to compare it to. I hope you enjoy your bag!
  5. Thank you very much for your answer! Enjoy yours, too!
  6. Thank you!
  7. HI,

    I have the Palm Dot NF. The pocket is exactly the same as feels like there is an inner stitching that stops items from going all the way to the bottom. Hope it helps~ ;)
  8. Thank you, that is exactly what I mean - the pocket has another pocket inside, which is smaller. Ok, if yours is the same, this might be the way it is designed. With all the problems with this print you can read here, I always find more "faults" and haven't even used it yet....
    As another member said, there are some spots without color on the palm leaves. I checked mine and she has this on 7 palm leaves, always on the same part. Hope, this is really part of the design.... What is your experience with the Palm Dots NF, any problems yet?
  9. Hi again Isis, you are most welcome. ;)

    I took a closer look at my NF and have not seen any discernible chipped areas.. I have been using it on and off since I got it on the 1st of April. The vachetta has softened and creased a little at the top edges but I'm not sure if it's common as I only own 1 other NF which is the Kusama and I think I've used that only once or twice. :P The kusama is still in pristine condition.

    However, I also bought the Palm Dot TP26 and there was slight chipping at the corner where the red dot is. My SA has offered to let me exchange that out when he gets in a new piece.

    The Palm Dot NF is really a veery pretty piece and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I enjoy mine. :smile::smile: