Palm Beach Neiman's stock.......Juane, Violet......

  1. Went down to Neiman's this morning in Palm Beach to check out the Fall colors. I really wanted to finally see Olive and Cinnamon in person. But of course, those were the only two colors they didn't have.:tdown: However, here's what they did have.........

    Violet SGH Work
    Violet SGH Day
    Juane SGH Work
    Rouille SGH Work
    Rouille SGH Hobo
    Ocean SGH RTT
    Black SGH Brief
    Black SGH City
    Sienna GGH Brief
    Tomato GGH Brief
    Tomato GGH Hobo
    White GGH Part-time

    Ivory Large Whistle
    Ivory Matelasse Clutch
    Black Matelasse Clutch
    Black Large Matelasse
    White Large Matelasse
    Sienna Large Matelasse

    Ocean First
    Ocean Day RH
    French Blue Day RH (split tassels)
    Plomb/Steel RH City
    Plomb/Steel RH Day

    That's what I can remember. The Matelasse Clutches blew me away.:nuts: They were gorgeous! I'd really love to get one when I have the extra $$$$$.:heart:

    The number is 800-884-6137 ext. 2117

    The two SA's that I've worked with are Dana and JJ.
  2. Thanks, Cracker! Sounds like they've got a nice selection
  3. Thanks for this report, Cracker! Oh, how we enable one another. ;)

    Did they not have any RH in Jaune or Violet?
  4. Not any on display. They always seem to have plenty of GH bags; very few RH.

    Oh, I forgot one........the NM LE with Gunmetal GH.