Palm Beach Hermes????

  1. I am traveling to Palm Beach soon and so excited that there is a Hermes there!! I was wondering if anyone has been to the Palm Beach boutique? Most importantly, has anyone had any Birkin luck at this local? Any info is appreciated.
  2. The Palm Beach Hermes is a good-sized store. I have never seen a birkin on the shelves but have seen them brought out for others (don't know if they were VIP Palm Beachers tho). I did see a folded Kelly which was on hold for another but SA said that probably would be all they got. The SAs are quite nice and helpful so you'll have fun. Hope you find something there.
  3. Thanks, Sus. I think it is a new store, but I'm not sure. I'm still excited about the trip and am sure that I will find something that I can't live without.
  4. kate...the PB Hermes has been in existence for a very long time. Actually, I bought my first Kelly there ages ago. They have recently expanded and relocated on Worth Ave. If their methods have remained the same their standard line is...we like to service our regular clientele and the locals. I wouldn't advertise you are on vacation. They always have bags, but they are in the back. You may meet an SA and get very lucky, but it will be all about luck! I have frequented that boutique and have been snubbed numerous times. Then, I find out the same time frame another friend was in and she was offered her choice of five gorgeous bags. So, it is all luck, timing, the way the SA feels etc.

    Enjoy your trip and I hope you find something you love. Whatever you do...don't walk in and mention birkin off the top. Do try on other bags and have conversation never may get lucky.
  5. Thanks, Kellybag. I appreciate the advice.
  6. Please report back kate! Beat the system!!!! Good Luck.
  7. Everything Kellybag said is true about this boutique. Act local. PM me if you are interested in the SA that I have used before.
  8. Thanks for all the help. I am going to Palm Beach with a tan and a southern accent so hopefully I will blend in! I will try to avoid the whole "just visiting" topic.

    Here comes the standard question . . . Do I carry a Birkin in? I have already been having a mental debate with myself about this . . . on the one hand I want to show that I mean business (so to speak) but on the other hand I don't want them to think that I already have my fair share. What does the vibe of the store call for?
  9. Kate, what are you looking to buy while at PB? Do you want a birkin? Any other bags on your list?

    What bags do you own that you could carry in?

    I hope you are going in May or later because they are more relaxed there. You will get better service and they seem to be kinder. All of the northerners/tourists/socialites etc start leaving in April and early May and then it is a ghost town at Hermes and on Worth Avenue for the most part.

    Remember, it will be dress lightly if you plan to shop on the Avenue. You don't want to be uncomfortable.
  10. Well a southern accent in South Florida isn't really a local thing. I've rarely heard one down there. (My fiance is southern and he can sort of turn it down if he wants, altough I love the accent, don't get me wrong, its just if you want to blend in).

    Worth Ave is very dressy casual. KB can explain it better, but its the sort of place were women wear nice jewelry in the daytime - I've seen lots of VCA Alhambra necklaces for example. Many people dress pretty colorfully, but casually, like Lilly Pulitzer or tropical colored Ralph Lauren. Nice shoes, like Choo sandals, are standard. I love the fashion down there - its very different from being up in the Northeast -colorful and luxe. It will be hot but you'll also be going into and out of the airconditioned boutiques.

    I would definitely wear a Birkin to that store (if I had one). You're going to have so much fun! Its a beautiful area to shop in.
  11. I realise on reading this thread (for no apparent reason - not going to PB anytime soon) that I am struck by how generous the women on this forum are with their information.

    :flowers: KB, :flowers: Sus, :flowers: Winternight

    You really help make this a special place.

    Best of luck Kate enjoy!
  12. Here are the details . . .

    My husband and I are going to PB in late May and staying at the Breakers. I have no idea how close that is in relation to Worth Ave . . . I need to figure that out. We are renting a car to get around b/c we also want to go into Miami.

    As far as dress . . . I was planning Gucci and Ferragamo wedges paired with J.Crew and Missoni sun dresses for day. For evening I was planning Louboutin heels with Pucci and dressier Missoni dresses. All being very strappy and flowing . . . the more air circulation the better. Bags for day will be 30 Orange Togo Birkin and Gucci Python hobo and for evening a Fendi and Gucci clutch.

    What I am looking for . . . I just want to see what they have. I have a very open mind and love Birkins and Kellys. I have the orange togo mentioned above, and have ordered a 35 Gold Swift which will arrive this coming week. I think I have the warm end of the color spectrum covered, so I was looking at maybe something in a cool color.

    I'm excited and think it will be great fun! Thanks for all the help everyone!