Palm Beach get together February 08

  1. I was hoping to start a new South Florida thread as a confirmation of a Palm Beach get together Saturday, February 23 at 12:00 at Renato's restaurant on Worth Avenue. Thought we could start off with a nice lunch, then perhaps an afternoon of shopping and a pilgrimage to the H store?

    Here is the restaurant's a very short stroll to the H store.


    I'll be there, and would love to meet some of my South Florida fellow H addicts!
  2. I am available for that date. I would also be happy with the BH location.
    Whatever works best.
  3. Yay! Ok, we have 2...any more South floridians?
  4. havn't visited this site in a while. Just wondering if the get together happened in february. I live in Broward county-and work during the day so would be difficult to do a lunch time.

    I am hoping to take a trip to the Hermes store on Collins ave this weekend with my girlfrien-just browsing.
  5. I live in Orlando so let me know if another tpf meeting is scheduled!
  6. I too am in Broward County but would love to participate if a SFL gathering takes place.