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  1. I am considering buying LV Pallas but have not pulled the trigger, seems like perfect every day bag and I love the size also not too deep and magnetic side pockets. Anyone have and love or hate this bag? I would buy with the black "Noir".
  2. I had one but ended up returning it. It was beautiful but it seemed a little dressy for my casual lifestyle.

  3. I bought the Pallas in Quetsche when it first came out because it was the perfect work bag for me. The size and the strap length were perfect; however, the bag felt a little bit heavy (and I don't carry a lot of stuff) where my shoulder would hurt if I went shopping with it. Unfortunately, I ended up selling it because it no longer fits my lifestyle. I'm currently a stay at home mom and I may stay as one for a while. Now I like cross body bags or small bags, like the Pochette NM. HTH.

  4. Exactly! I still admire it every time I see someone carrying it ️
  5. I have the Pallas in questche when the bag was first released in 2013 and still love it. The one con for me is the big open pocket on the inside. Sometimes if I'm trying to put my wallet back into my bag that pocket is like laying open or something and gets in the way. But that's a minor con. Love the outside pockets with the magnets for my keys or whatever. I don't think it gets too heavy, but I don't carry a lot with me. Some people carry the kitchen sink and that's not me. It's aged well also. It's a great bag. I'm kinda surprised it's not discontinued now since it's been out almost 3 yrs and they seem to discontinue stuff a little quicker these days.

  6. I purchased a pre-loved Pallas Noir in immaculate condition several months ago and still LOVE it. It's absolutely the perfect size every day bag for me. Love the magnetic side pockets (so convenient), the slightly unstructured structured design (just the right amount of "smoosh" against your body to be comfortable), the shoulder strap is the perfect length for me (I'm 5'5", but it's adjustable), the treated handles (no worrying about raindrops) and the touch of black leather. This is one purchase where I have had not one moment of buyer's remorse or any thoughts other than what a PERFECT bag it is. I can't believe that every LV lover doesn't own one!