Pallas With Chain

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  1. So this bag has caught my attention and I wanted to get feedback from owners of this bag and what you're thought, experiences, pros, & cons, regarding the Pallas with chain.

    The only thing of concern I've come across was slouching that can happen in the center. I do prefer bags that hold their shape so the slouching would be an issue for me if it's common.
  2. No Pallas with chain owners??
  3. Pretty to look at, but painfull to use all day. Too many internal sections makes it difficult to carry much. :smile: IMO worst purchase I have made from LV. :P
  4. Oh wow thanks for being honest! It is nice to look at indeed but I can certainly see it becoming troublesome over time which is why I have concerns.
  5. That's ok. I will say though, ( if it is a chain bag that you're after) that the Saint Germain MM is a very comfortable bag to carry all day long and and it holds quite a lot of things. Really nice to look at too. :smile:
  6. Okay thanks!
  7. I like the look of the SAINT-GERMAIN over the Pallas.
  8. ImageUploadedByTapatalkHD1460906312.194970.jpg

    I just got my Pallas Chain a couple of weeks ago in Aurore and I love it! I was not planning on buying anything specific when I went to LV to browse, but the Pallas chain really caught my eye. I did need a crossbody that could carry my glasses, wallet and phone, but not be bulky. It's not too big, so even when full, the chain doesn't hurt as long as it's not directly on skin. I love the pop of color to contrast against the mono, and the chain is a nice touch of bling and I prefer that rather than a plain leather strap, like on the Twinset.

    Also, the bag is squared off at the bottom, it is not slouchy or saggy even with items in it. That's one of the things I like about it - it maintains a sleek and slim shape, very sharp and classy looking.
  9. I 've got 2 of them- one in Dune, and one in Dahlia. They are just lovely! The perfect size and look IMO. Fits my essentials (including glasses), and does not look bulky, but very slim and at the right place under my arm when worn with dobbled-strap. The combination canvas/leather makes this bag look less dressed-up or "Chanel-like" than the St-Germain, which is the reason I went for this design. Use them all the time, when going shopping, out dining etc.. The chain does not hurt- very light.

  10. I fell in love all over again seeing your pic! Thanks for posting it and all the things you've stated is exactly why I've taken a liken to the bag. It does look really classy and sophisticated which is my style.

    Wow 2 of them! So you obviously really love the bag and I agree with you regarding the St-Germain which is exactly why I have not interest in it. I remember when it was first released and all I could think of was a LV knock off Chanel. The Pallas with chain is a unique flare to the design as you said that makes it just different enough to hold it's own. I actually thought about getting it in Dahlia last year but I went with the Alma in Dahlia instead. However I'm loving the Dune and it's just what I need as I want a beige bag but don't want to deal with color transfer and the Pallas with chain is the perfect balance. I get the beige but I don't have to baby the bag.

    Thanking you both again for your feedback!
  11. Ooops, I got the name of that leather strap one I was referring to in my post wrong - it's the Twice, (don't know where I got Twinset from). Anyway, glad to help. My SA showed me both the Pallas Chain and the Saint Germain, and once I tried them on, I thought the Saint Germain looked more old fashioned and too rounded for my style. The Pallas just looked so sharp and cosmopolitan in comparison, I couldn't resist!
  12. Twinset and Twice are names for the same model (they changed it to Twice). Wonder why. I preferred the original name.

  13. Oh, my goodness, thank you for letting me know! I had considered the Twinset last year and had that name in my head since, but when I looked it up on the website to write my post, the name was Twice. I thought I got the name wrong from back then...I'm relieved to know I'm not losing my faculties...[emoji28]
  14. lol no you're good! It's LV that's making us all LV crazies lol!
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