Pallas Clutch

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  1. I am relatively new to LV. I have one wallet i bought used online but now i am ready to make my first bag purchase. and for some reason I am really eyeing the pallas clutch and it is not available from louis vuitton's website.
    anyone have any idea if it will come back in stock? I contacted them to see if any stores near me had it available and they dont unfortunately.
    I found some on fashionphile but they are more expensive then brand new from LV so i would rather wait if it becomes available, just not sure when or IF that is is even going to happen.
  2. What color are you getting? Multiple time I’ve seen “place in cart” for marine blue. I’d say try stalking the website you might get something.
  3. You should add it to your wishlist on the LV website and just check it periodically. I have the RB one on my wishlist and it has come back into stock at least 4 times in the last year (I haven't pulled the trigger). I think the other colors restock more often though.
  4. Yeah that’s what I did but Ive never even used the LV site before so I wasn’t sure if that was going to notify me or not. I want the black which is maybe the more popular one too. But thanks for the info ladies ! Guess it’s not discontinued and I’ll just have to practice some patience lol
  5. No notification sadly :sad: That would be nice if it did lol
  6. I am in the same boat, I just keep waiting for it to come back into stock.
  7. good luck!! i am so tempted to buy one preloved but they are more expensive then if i were to purchase a brand new one.... if only it would come back in stock :sad:
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  8. I am very hesitant to to buy pre-loved and pay the premium, so the struggle continues!! Keep us updated! :sad:
  9. Marine bleu is available on the us site...
  10. really? there are still none available whenever i look and i have been checking 3 times a day like a freak LOL :nuts:
  11. I purchased my Pallas clutch a couple of months ago and wanted to share my experience. I walked into the LV in NM at Fashion Island and noticed the cute bag that all of the SA's were wearing. I asked about it and she showed me one they had in stock, which was the marine blue. She also showed me her IPad, so I could see the other colors it was made in. I thanked her and then later that week when I was home I went to my local LV in Fashion Valley mall and asked about the Pallas clutch. They had the cherry in stock and it was lovely and I was tempted. I decided I wanted it in Noir, though, for practical reasons. The kind SA took my info and said it could be several months, as there was a wait list. I was prepared to wait.....and then the next day they called that mine was in. So don't give up hope and maybe express in person to a kind SA that you are serious about wanting one. Good luck. :heart:
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  12. I got mine in noir through the website Oct 6 afternoon and decided to keep it. Looks very cute in person. The red and blue were available too. I bought favorite pm through website in late September and did not like the magnet closure, so I returned it. Although Pallas and Favorite are hard to get, just keep in faith and fresh the web page whenever you get a couple seconds, you will get what you want.
  13. I believe I saw the red and black available within the past 2 weeks. Just keep on stalking the site; or better yet call CS, one may pop up somewhere. Good luck.
  14. thank you so much guys, i have faith!! i think i will go to the store tomorrow and ask :smile::heart:
  15. There are so many in stores. Why not have client services track one down and you can just pay over the phone?