Pallas clutch Which color is better -Red or Noir?

Oct 3, 2007
The red comes with a vachetta strap, while the black has a darker treated leather strap. For me it would depend on how carefree you want it to be and which you think you would wear more. I have the red and marine, and purchased the black for my daughter in law. She uses hers quite a bit, me not as much. I also don't have that many occasions for small bags.
Feb 24, 2019
View attachment 4440007 View attachment 4440006 Black looks more carefree but I was only able to find marine Bleu on the website last week so I just went ahead and purchased it. It’s almost like a dark or midnight blue. Very classic and neutral plus the Vachetta shoulder strap adds contrast to the bag. It’s a very nice color combo!

What country are you in? Client services and stores in uk told me its been discontinued. Really like it!