Pallas BB & V Tote BB ;both in Noir. Help please!

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  1. I have the Pallas BB in Noir.
    Can I justify getting the V Tote in Noir too?

    Do you think there are many similarities in both?
    Or they are just very different?

    Here is my Pallas BB in Noir.
    Pic from the website

    This is the V Tote In Noir
  2. There are some similarities but the style is different overall. I think the V tote is more casual. Have you considered the black Empreinte V tote as an alternative?
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  3. I really like both bags but I would get the V tote in empreinte. I saw the BB in person & it’s beautiful.
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  4. I am not an expert but to me those bags are different. The Pallas ist more of a business/formal style whereas the V Tote is more casual (because of the leather color and the cut).
  5. Hmmm.....get something different.
  6. To me they are quite similar... maybe get the v tote in another color? I have it in red!
  7. To me they are very similar.
    Maybe get the V tote in empreinte leather for a change ?
  8. I am trying to avoid another Empriente if in time the embossing will not be as deep as it is when new... especially the side against the body.
    I used to have the Montaigne in Empriente.
    And I do have the Speedy 20 in Empreinte Nior. That is a keeper because it is the size 20.
    That is why I am leaning towards the mono and the Nior has no vachetta.
  9. Yup.. it is beautiful too but I am a little afraid of vachetta.
  10. The other option is the Vaugirard but I am not too sure about it.. how it would hold up in time.
    I wish the Boursicot EW is open for preorder still in Kuala Lumpur but it is not. I would definitely opt to that.
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    Do you think the V Tote can be dressy too?
  12. i think the V can look dressy, it's just less structured than the Pallas' clean lines. To me it would be like comparing a sellier Kelly to a retourne Kelly.

    I love my V; I'd say get it!