Pallas bb thoughts?

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  1. I'm thinking of purchasing this bag. Any thoughts or advice?
  2. I love it. The only thing that stopped me was the price. I had assumed it was comparable to speedy b. I prefer the black combo.
  3. I love this bag but as the previous poster noted, it is expensive for what it is. Otherwise, I would grab it- it is very easy to carry.
  4. I have both the Pallas and the bb and love them both! The bb is a great small body bag, I use it when I need a smaller bag or running errands....definitely recommend this bag!
  5. I love it ! So easy to use and comfy
  6. what colors did you get? just curious because i have been thinking about the bb. wish it were not so expensive tho.... but it looks like a great bag. do you find it holds enough for you? what would you compare it to capacity wise?
  7. The noir is gorgy and no vachette. For me, it was between the Pallas bb and the Pochette Metis- I found them to be very similar in capacity and feel when carried. The PM was about 600USD less and why I went with that. I would not hesitate recommending either bag if the size suits your needs.

  8. I have the Pochette Metis and I love it. I'm trying to decide if I should get the best since the seem to hold about the same or if I should go for a larger bag. I like the Pallas but I think it's too big for me.
  9. it's my top wishlist item. i've been watching youtube videos on it:smile:i think it looks elegant and can be kept for many years. like many, i was looking at a PM too, but that looks too casual to me - not something i could age with... the pallas has the feet and nicer hardware and the color contrast if you don't pick black. and i personally don't like the way the PM opens, i prefer having a top zipper.
  10. The price point is just insane, I couldn't do it for such a small bag that is mostly canvas. I ended up getting the big Pallas in the Rose Ballerine and I love it!
  11. This is the bag I am using the most right now, and I've bought about 15 LV bags so far this year. (I sold all my old ones, and completely ravamped.) I was so refreshingly surprised with how much I like this bag! I am not a huge fan of the mono canvas, but this was an exception. I did get it in Poppy (will attach pics), and it holds all of my daily stuff with room to spare. I love the side pockets, and the crossbody strap is very comfortable. I do love that the handles go DOWN (as opposed to say, the pont de neuf or montaigne where they stay upright). I find myself carrying equally on my forearm and as a crossbody. Love love love!! I wanted another color, but the rose ballerine was sold out. The others were either not different enough from the Poppy, or were sort of blah for me.

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  12. I fell hard for this bag a few months ago when I saw a gorgeous pic in the LV in action thread. I went and tried it on and thought it was super cute, but the point stopped me. It just seems way overpriced.

  13. I also like that the handles lay flat. Do you find it hard to get things in and out of the purse? The poppy color looked lighter online. It's gorgeous!
  14. I have the bb. I must say this is the most lightest comfortable lv bag I own. I use it crossbody walk around do my thing and forget i even have it on me. The only thing i hate dealing with this bag is the vanchetta leather on the handles it drove me insane considering with that price point i wouldnt want to ruin it.
  15. ok, so i caved and bought one (bb) last night:smile: it was brand new and unused for just 1400, so super good deal from one of the top resellers online. it's in cerise, not my preferred color - b/c i have a lot of red stuff already, but at that price, and brand new... decided to just buy it. i will post some shots when it arrives next week... i really hope i love it and that it'll work for me
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