Palladium vs. Gold Hardware

  1. First off, as one of the purse-obsessed, I have to say how much I love this forum. I've been stalking for days picking up all sorts of valuable information.

    I'd love your opinions on something...

    I am about to realize a lifelong dream. I've saved and saved and am now ready to start looking for a "gently used" Birkin. I know I want a 35 in black. I'm waffling between palladium and gold hardware. What are your preferences? Thanks, Purse-Obsessed.
  2. I love gold on a black birkin. but pallidum is nice too.
  3. Either PH or GH is fine with me ;)

  4. Imo, black with gold is classic/dressy/elegant. Black with pall is modern/chic.
  5. Gold is classic in my opinion. Palladium is young and trendy. Both great.
  6. I :heart: GHW, Especially On Black
  7. Thanks everyone. I would certainly describe myself a classic vs. trendy. I must admit I've been leaning toward the gold.. One more question comes to mind. I am barely 5' tall, and small boned-normal weight; not skinny. Should I also consider a 30? I'm terrrified that I'm going to get the 35 and that it is going to be too big and heavy for me... DOes anyone have a 30?
  8. Black bags look smaller than light colors. I would recommend a 35.
    If you think it is too big, you can sell it in a flash, as 35 is most wanted, IMO.
  9. I used to be at 'don't-like-gold-HW-at-all' stage. I wanted only palladium HW. I thought GH made bags look like 'Gramma's bag'.

    All of sudden, gold HW started to attract me rapidly. I don't know why. Gold HW bag can be classy and chic for young girls as well. Now, I LOVEEEEE GOLD HW! I have been collecting & looking for GH Birkins crazily nowadays.

    You can't go wrong either way Palladium or gold. But if I were you, I would go with gold HW with my mind stage at the moment:p.
  10. for me, i like black kellies with ghw, and black birkins with phw.
  11. Gold gets me every time
  12. I like them both...sometimes I feel classic and sometimes edgy/modern. I wish I could make up my mind.
  13. i have always preferred silver/white metals and still do for jewelry and on colored bags (the gold makes the colored bags more flashy IMO). BUT gold on black, brown, so rich and classic. the silver on black is particularly sterile ....
  14. You will make either work, whatever you decide, believe me!

    I personally prefer PH, as my wedding rings are white metal and so is the majority of my jewelry.So no matter what else I wear, the hardware matches.

    Buuuut I can always wear a watch with a gold/white metal band if I want to tie a bag with GH into my outfit! You'll find ways to be creative.
  15. Welcome to tPF purse-obsessed! When I got my Birkin I knew which hardware was *it* and which would have been *settling." It's palladium for me all the way, and when I try on bags that I love in every other way, if they have gold hardware, I know I'd be compromising if I were to take them. It sounds like you're leaning towards gold, so first your first Birkin I'd trust this instinct.

    I also second the rec to get 35 for your first.