Palgantong Theatrical Powder--original or light beige? Any help appreciated!

  1. Lovely ladies who've been using Palgantong's powder, could you advise me on picking my shade ?

    I have light-medium Asian skin, MAC NC30 (blot powder in medium) in the winter and NC35 (blot powder in medium-dark) in the summer. Thanks in advance for your help! :flowers:
  2. I would go with Original. I bought it in Light, and it looks almost translucent. It's VERY pale. I might buy original next time and mix them...
  3. Thanks, Claire! :tup:
  4. I'd go with the original. Suits everyone in my opinion... oh how I love Palgantong powder...
  5. I also went with Original
  6. I kind of feel like they all look the same... I'm very pale (a bit lighter than NC15) and I've had no problems using any of the colors. They are all really sheer.
  7. I'm so pale, I'm gonna have to have a look at "light" could be perfect for me!! thanks x
  8. Another tip that I thought of, is to only use a TINY bit and build your coverage if necessary... I had been using Sue Devitt powder previously and I was used to putting a ton of it on my brush, but you only need a VERY light dusting of Palgatong to get the same effect. It's a good thing, because it will last you forever, but when I first got it, I wasn't applying it right and it looked a little too powdery (sorry for my lack of a better word lol) :p
  9. Thanks for the advice, all!

    Btw, has anyone tried their powder with spf 27?
  10. I'm planning on buying on but I would like to know the full ingredients of the powder...anyone still has the packaging?
    Thanks very muc
  11. I was pretty interested in trying this out- but was wondering what the difference was between this and regular mineral foundations.