Palermo vs BH - too similar?

  1. I'm thinking I love the Palermo, but I already have a BH - are they too similar? (In size, monogram canvas)

    If anyone has a modeling pic of one, I would love to see it, as I will have to order it over the phone...

  2. I don't think they're too similar. The BH is a classic LV, it's a bag that will stay in collection forver IMO.
    The Palermo has something new and very trendy to it (but hopefully it will become one of those classics as well). It looks like they have put a lot of thought into details. I really like this one. But I'm gonna wait a while before buying it, because with all the excitement around this bag, I don't wanna get carried away and then later regret my purchase.

    I would love to see modeling pictures as well. I have found 2 very small pictures at a Chinese site called rakuten or something like that. I don't remember the address, but someone on this forum linked to the Tivoli, that's how I found the Palermo. I'll go see if I can find the link.
  3. I don't think they're too similar at all, but I much prefer the BH.
  4. I have both the Palermo PM and the BH and I don't think they are similar in any way. However, I think that the Palermo PM and the Cabas Piano are similar in shape with the Palermo PM being slightly larger in all overvall dimensions.

    Go for it!
  5. It's all about the zipper......BH is wide open so rain can come in where as the Palermos zip across protecting everything inside.
  6. they are not too similar at all. palermo has the cute pleats, shoulder strap. i mean the only similarity is that they are both totes, monogram canvas, size
  7. thanks jennifer-j for the links- those are really helpful!
  8. I agree. I like the palermo better than the bh, because those little pleats are really cute
  9. I have the BH and I tried on the Palermo PM. IRL the shapes are look different. The BH is more rectagular & the Palermo is square-ish. The the Palermo zips & has those cute little pleats, and can be hand or shoulder carried. IRL, it looks chic & sophisticated to me. The BH is strictly a shoulder bag, more casual than the Palermo (to me eyes anyways). I love me they are completely different bags. And I'm serious considering buying the Palermo.
  10. Thanks so much for everyone's opinions and enabling - I am going to track down a Palermo PM soon!
  11. I don't find the Palermo similar to the BH at all. The Palermo more looks like the Cabas Piano/Denim Cabby to me.