Palermo/Tivoli...GM or PM...What are you getting?

  1. I am torn between the options. I love both bags. The Tivoli GM seems too big, but I want the adjustable handles. The Palmermo PM seems like a better size, but again the issue with the handles. (I realize this is alleviated by the long strap) Then it just boils down to which style do I like better. Tell me...How are you making your decision?

  2. i am planning on going in to lv in nov to try them on. i really love my bh as an everyday bag, so i need to see if i love either of these more. if i do, then i will get one. if i don't, then i will continue to be happy with my bh!
  3. here are some pics!!!


  4. Oooh, thanks for the visuals Sophia! I put myself on the list for the Tivoli PM but I now prefer to try it on beforehand before making any commitments! Hopefully it all works out because I've been waiting too l:huh:o:huh:ng!:p
  5. I plan on eventually getting Both bags in Both sizes. i just love them that much!
  6. The pictures are a tremendous help! I don't live near a boutique to be able to try them on. I really think I like the GM in both styles, and I think I like the Palermo more. My original instinct was right...I should stick with it.

  7. i originally waitlisted for both in the PM size. saw the palermo PM yesterday and it didn't blow me away. now i'm waiting to see the tivoli PM, but i like the t-strap look on the tivoli GM so i might want to switch to the GM. i should find out the dimensions.
  8. Ohhh, great pics Sophia, thanks!!! :smile:
  9. I'm waitlisted for the Tivoli PM, but I'm starting to like the GM more...
  10. I'm on the list for Tivoli PM for now but I think the GM might be a better size for me since the PM looks kind of small on the model.
  11. I'm not getting either....I'm on a ban!!!
  12. well, im on the waiting list for the tivoli PM, but after seeing the size comparison of the PM + GM, i think im going to change to GM. i need adjustable straps!!!
  13. i just read everyone elses comments..... looks like everyones going for the GM now that theyve seen the two next to each other. hahaha
  14. Im getting the GM!
  15. At first I was going to get the Tivoli PM but after seeing pictures of the size comparison and seeing that the Tivoli PM doesn't have adjustable straps .... it looks like I'll be getting the TIVOLI GM. :biggrin: