Palermo PM Strap

Bao Bao

Jul 13, 2010
Hi there,

My bf just bought me this bag from his trip. The bag is nice ... Except the shoulder strap is way too short. The strap that I have is so short that I'm not able to wear it across the body. I'm very tiny around 4'11" and the whole bag is still sitting above my hip. I wonder whether my bf got the wrong strap ??

I read a couple posts from here that most girls have no problem wearing this bag across the body. Pls let me know whether this can be done with the default strap or have to be purchase a different strap from the store. What is the length of your strap with the furthest setting? Mine is 32.5" long from clip to clip.

Many thanks,


Nov 22, 2006
I used to own the Palermo PM. The strap that came with the Palermo PM is adjustable but it's not super long. It's not really meant to be worn as a cross body bag. If you go to the Palermo Club in the Clubhouse section, you'll see that the strap is not long - use it for over the shoulder but not crossbody. Scan through the club and you'll see the strap that comes with the Palermo PM.

You can buy a longer strap from LV - I have a monogram strap that's adjustable that I bought a long time ago that could be used for crossbody. Just contact LV. Straps are pretty expensive - somwhere between $225 USD and $260 USD.