Palermo PM, Retiro PM and Cabas Mezzo

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  1. Hi Ladies

    I cannot decide between these three bags. I want probably two of them one for travel (passport, makeup bag, iPad mini, kindle, camera, phone, chargers) and another for everyday use. I currently have a Saumur MM, Saleya MM, Batignolles Vertical and Mulberry Roxanne. Which two would you recommend and why? Thanks in advance.
  2. Palermo and Cabas Mezzo. I have been looking for a Cabas Mezzo in good condition, especially want it for travel.
  3. I like retiro and palermo
  4. my vote for the retiro!!!👍
  5. I am biased. I own a retiro and love it.
  6. I must say I love the Vachetta on the Retiro and that it's like a 'grown up' speedy. The Palermo has the feminine pleating...but the Cabas is a classic. So Retiro 1st choice just need to decide between the other two. Thanks for your help so far x
  7. I vote for the retiro!!! Great bag!
  8. palermo
  9. I own the Retiro and use it daily. I absolutely LOVE it! Before I got this bag I had my eye on the Palermo but decided to go with the Retiro cause it had a nice balance of elegance and casual IMO. So I choose Retiro. =)
  10. Palermo PM. It is a great versatile bag.
  11. Retiro PM bought! One more to go. I like the pleats on the Palermo but my hubby referred to them as 'creases'...taking the romance out of the bag!
  12. Retiro is such a beautiful elegant bag, congrats. I would also choose it plus the Cabas.
  13. I like the Palermo - it is unique and you don't see it everyday :smile: