Palermo PM pics as tote please!

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  1. Hey everyone!

    I can't make it to LV until this weekend and am trying to decide between the Palermo PM and the Manhattan PM (I know, two totally different bags!) Would any Palermo PM owners be so kind as to post modeling shots of it worn as a tote? I tried searching through the threads but could only find it as a messenger.

    Thanks in advance :heart:
  2. I don't have personal picture of myself wearing it, but pictures of jennifer love hewitt in the celeb section convinced me to get mines. Here are some pics of her carrying it tote style.
    73606568ew9.jpg jennifer-love-hewitt-shop2.jpg
  3. Ahh! I love those pictures of Jennifer Love Hewitt... she looks great and that bag is just stunning!
  4. Awww, thanks everyone! I didn't expect to get photos so soon. I'm definitely in love with this bag!!!