1. First of all, sorry for my bad english!:shrugs:

    I bought two months ago a Deauville but I am not able to take it every day because it has a lot of vacchetta and it is not comfortable because is a hand bag (i've two children and i need hands!!!).
    I have been looking for a bag for every day and Palermo PM seems perfect to me.

    I have 2 questions for you:

    1) It is possible to wear under the armpit or handles are too little?

    2) Strap is quite long to be worn messenger style or is alone to be taken on the shoulder ham?

  2. I heard that the handles are too short to be worn on the shoulder but the long strap can but that one is too short to be worn messenger style.

    the GM I heard you can wear on the shoulder with the short straps and messenger style because that long strap is longer.
  3. The Palermo PM strap handles are too short to be worn on the shoulder. And, I don't think that the adjustable shoulder strap that comes with Palermo PM is long enough to comfortably wear the PM across the body - I've tried and I don't like it!

    I would recommend that you buy an adjustable shoulder strap from LV to wear with your Deauville and that will solve your problem! I have the Deauville as well and have a mono adjustable strap and it's really long, so you can probably wear it across the body. It would be alot cheaper to just buy the strap than to buy a new purse! (Unless, of course, you just want a new purse!!)
  4. In effects, I have the strap for the Deauville but, apart that I don't like as she is on (I am very thin) me, then it has too much vacchetta and I am always afraid to ruin her...I have only probably to wait that the patina is formed a used bag next time!!!

    I regret for the Palermo PM, if she could be brought to shoulder ham and messenger style it would be a "perfect bag" (the GM is too big on me!).

    It's sooooo hard form me to write in english!!!!
    Good exercise thi forum! :okay:
  5. yeah...the palermo pm is too weird when wear im messager style,the strap is not long enough,but i try put on shoulder is still consider ok...just a bit tight.
  6. I wore mine on my shoulder yesterday..OVER a winter coat......with the short straps.....I have small arms though
  7. If you already own a longer adjustable shoulder strap, you could use it on the Palermo PM. The PM's shoulder strap is too short, IMO, to wear the Palermo across the body. I just use it to hang the purse off my shoulder. The two strap handles are too short to put onto your shoulder - it's meant to be hand carried with the two strap handles.