Palermo PM orrr Tahitienne PM? Heeeelllpppp!

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  1. Hello everyone! I'm new here to urse forums * Waves *
    I need some advice.
    So I'm about to purchase my 3rd LV bag and I can't decide between the Palermo PM and the Tahitienne PM. I was soo in love with the palermo until I saw the Tahitienne, now I just cant decide. Although, I know I really like the zip top top for the Palermo but the colours for the Tahitienne are TDF!!!
  2. I think the Tahitienne PM is gorgeous for the spring / summer. I'm not a fan of the palermo, but you'd might get more use out of it. I don't know what other bags you have.
  3. Palermo. You will get a lot more use out of it than the Tahitienne, since that is a summer-type bag and is more "trendy." Palermo is a classic style.
  4. Tahitienne :drool:. It's such a lovely bag. Although, I will admit it's definitely limited to spring/summer.
  5. Well I leaning towards the Palermo because I know I won't get sick of it because it's such a classic bag. I'm also worried I might regret no getting the Tahitienne, because the colours are beautiful and it's so unique.
  6. Get the Tahitienne now since summer is coming and then later on get the Palermo.
  7. I say Palermo because it's a classic! I love the Tahitienne as well but think it will not be as popular after spring/summer and it's so costly for a truly seasonal bag. The Palermo will be loved forever!
  8. I love the Palermo PM and it's on my wishlist, but have never seen this Tahitienne creature.. will have to look it up! :wondering
  9. tahitiennes. i seriously can't stop thinking about how pretty it is. :love:
  10. tahitienne in pink hehe... soo cute and summery... i personally only like palermo gm not pm.
  11. I prefer the Palemo ... more timeless imo.
  12. I love the Tahitienne, but you can use the Palermo more.
    I would buy the Tahitenne anyway :smile:
  13. I would buy the palermo, the tahitienne is definitely just a spring/summer bag IMHO.
  14. I would buy the Palermo -- I bought in last Nov -- it's a great everyday bag.
  15. Well depends what youre looking for, Palermo is more practical and year-round, while Tahitienne is summery and more fun!