Palermo PM or Totally MM as a diaper bag for mom with active toddler?

Feb 7, 2010
Hi Ladies! Need opinions - I'm a mom with an active toddler (who is still in diapers) and am trying to decide between the Palermo PM or Totally MM to use as a diaper bag, then later on as a tote for everyday.

I really like that both bags have a zipper closure. On the Totally, I like the two outside pockets. On the Palermo, I like the option to wear hands free with the long strap.

Please share your thoughts. . . TIA!!


Mar 1, 2009
Totally MM, I've read from some posts that Palermo tend to hurt your shoulder after a while.


Nov 28, 2010
both will do the job well. depends on what u like. i think the totally straps are longer than the palermo gm. but i like that the palermo has the strap....


back to basic.
Aug 31, 2010
Bangkok, Thailand
Palermo. Though it doesn't work that good as a crossbody (too high up), its better that it is handsfree and you need that when you have an active toddler ;)


Pinay in Qatar
Nov 22, 2010
Palermo looks like a diaper bag :P I use my Neverfull as a diaper bag (I have a 5 yrs old and a 2 1/2 yrs old) :biggrin: :lol:


Dec 17, 2009
I have a 8 month old and had the Palermo GM and sold it. The palermo is way to heavy without anything in it and add your personal belongings plus diapers, etc..and youll end up hating it. The Palermo has a lot of brass which causes this plus the weight of your items inside. The Totally is a little lighter and would work out prob better as a diaper bag. I had the GM. The GM is huge and roomy but sags if you dont have something that supports the bottom. I didnt like the way it looked and sold it too. But non the less the Neverfull is the lightest but the straps arent very supportive and could dig in since they are small plus no zipper. Guess it just depends on what your comfortable with.


Sep 20, 2008
I have a 2 year old and a 6 year old and use my palermo pm as a mommy bag and I love it. I am a very small lady so using it cross body is not an issue for me and I find it to be very comfortable, I really only wear it cross body or hand held if I take it out at night without the kids! It is a great bag, because I am so small ( 5'3, 95lbs) the GM looked like luggage on me.

But honestly for a mommy bag I prefer to use my neverfull mm in ebene because it can take beating and always looks great, no vachetta to get dirty or worry about. Plus all the places I go with my kids I don't always have a clean place to set my bag!

Both great bags, I don't know what I would do without them!!!!


Nov 11, 2010
Totally MM :smile: My little girl is almost 22 months old. I currently use my MM for an everyday bag but it is also big enough to hold a few diapers and a small pack of wipes. I can carry small snack bags and a sippy cup too. I like it because if we're out and about and she kicks her shoes off I can just put them in my bag. The outside pockets are great for small toys or even an umbrella. I purchased the MM for the same needs that you have. Its big enough but not "huge" and its very comfy on my shoulders. I can carry the bag on one shoulder and the baby on the other! :smile: No regrets!
Feb 7, 2010
Thanks for the input - much appreciated! I never considered that the palermo might be too heavy. . . I guess I'll have to go into the store and actually try it on empty. :smile:

I also considered the neverfull but wanted something that could zip up on top, plus the straps seemed like they were a little thin and would dig in to the shoulders a bit?