Palermo PM or Tivoli GM?


Palermo PM or Tivoli GM

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    Palermo PM

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  2. Tivoli GM

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  1. Please help.

    After venturing out to Balenciaga, I am back to LV for my birthday gift.

    I saw the Palermo PM in person and thought it was adorable and very functional. They also had the Tivoli PM, but it was too small for me (I am 5'8"). There is a waitlist for the Tivoli GM and they did not have one in the store. Is it as great as people say?

    So, Palermo PM or Tivoli GM?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Tivoli GM! I think it looks great!
  3. I just recently got the Tivoli GM and I love it so much, in my opinion it's worth the wait to stay on the list till yours comes in :yes:

  4. Tivoli GM!!!
  5. Tivoli! And it is as great as people say, if not better. In my opinion, it's one of the best bags yet. Wait for it! and honestly, I don't like the Palermo at all...I think it's kind of cheap looking, JMHO.
  6. palermo.. !!
  7. Thanks for the responses so far. It looks like Tivoli is winning by a landslide! Not much love for Palermo (except Veelyn--do you have one?)
  8. I, too, am on the waitlist for the Tivoli GM, so I think you should DEFINITELY go for the Palermo. (That means one less Tivoli GM for me to compete for, right?)
  9. I like that reasoning! I say the tivoli. Partially because I am saving for it and I have tried both the Palermo PM and the Tivoli GM on in store. I thought I loved the Palermo until she brought out that gem of a Tivoli! It is just gorgeous and it looks better on the shoulder than the Palermo. IMO the Palermo could be a male bag but the Tivoli is just feminine and adorable.
  10. Tivoli! LOVE the shape.
  11. Wait for the Tivoli GM!
  12. i loved the tivoli until i saw it in person, don't know why i didn't like it as much. the reverse goes for the palermo did not like it in pics but i fell in love when i saw it( maybe because i really need a bag i can use to carry books). palermo would serve the purpose but its a bit pricey to be used as a bookbag, that is why i have decided to wait for the damier neverfull.
  13. I just love the Palermo PM... it's so cute! SO MUCH better than the GM. The GM Palermo is just weird to me. The Tivoli GM is cute too, but I have never been a fan of the adjustable straps. Good luck with your decision.
  14. Tivoli GM
  15. I love the shape of the Tivoli; I think it is one of the most feminine shapes LV has done since the Theda.