Palermo PM or Saleya MM

  1. Please help me decide...which one would you buy? Palermo PM or Saleya MM? Pros and cons? I would like a medium shoulder bag which I can use everyday. Thanks.
  2. I like the Saleya better as I think it is a more versatile bag.
  3. I like the Palermo. To me the Saleya looks like a beach tote...
  4. Probably the Palermo since it comes with the removable shoulder strap and has extra pockets inside for better organization of your stuff!
  5. saleya get my vote! it's a perfect everyday bag IMO!
  6. If it's Azur SAleya MM, I'll vote for it ;)
  7. i'd go for the palermo!
  8. I like Saleya more :smile:. The ebony color will work very well as a daily bag :yes:.
  9. Saleya! Especially in Azur, its so pretty!
  10. Think they both got almost the same shape. I've got the saleya MM and it is a very practical bag. Palermo is cute too..heh heh. tough choice. But since I have the saleya...and I love my to saleya
  11. i vote for both!

    i have a saleya pm and i am on the wait-list for a palermo pm
  12. I would get the Palermo PM... very versatile and cute. I love the shape of it... and you could always leave the strap attached to give it that extra look.
  13. The Azur Saleya MM is a great mid-size bag...I'm using it this week. I have the Palermo GM for when I need a lot more room.
  14. Palermo
  15. That's a tough choice. I have the saleya Azur in MM and I love it but I recently got the palermo gm because I wanted more room. I like them equally for different reasons. The palermo because it is more versatile with the shoulder and body strap but I like the azur saleya as it's a nice size and colour for the spring/summer.

    I think which ever you decide you won't be disappointed as they are both great bags and if in doubt buy both!