Palermo pm OR Neverfull mono gm/mm

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Palermo pm OR Neverfull mono gm/mm

  1. Palermo pm

  2. Neverfull mono GM

  3. Neverfull mono MM

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  1. #1 Feb 22, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2010
    I posted a thread a few days ago on deciding between a galliera pm and a Neverfull mono + Sarah wallet. Well I'm not getting the galliera.
    My final choices are Palermo pm or Neverfull mono gm or mm.
    If I get the Neverfull I can get a sarah wallet but I think Palermo is a very pretty and versatile bag. What do you guys think?

    Is the Palermo pm too boxy on the bottom? Is it comfortable on the shoulder? Does it look nice with dressy clothing?
    Is it sturdy enough to last me years and years compared to the NF?
    What made me rethink about getting the NF was the fact that I can see Neverfulls around campus and at malls every 15 minutes. Yet, I love the slouchy look of the gm, the price, and the open look of the mm. What are your thoughts?? :biggrin:

    oh yeah~ can the palermo pm fit a 13" macbook? :P
  2. I voted for Palermo as I think its nicer than NF. I don't own one so I can't answer your q's on the macbook and the boxy bottom, but suggest you do a search to see other people's comments. I think its mostly very positive for the Palermo. I'd like one myself!

    If you do decide on a NF, I suggest the GM. It has so much space you won't believe. Of course you don't need to always fill it up but when you need the room, you have it. I have a Mono GM and its a really fantastic bag!
  3. neverfull mm
  4. Neverfull
  5. NF GM gets my vote
  6. neverfull MM;););)
  7. Palermo PM.
  8. Neverfull MM...Just classy and beautiful! On top of it, you can get a matching wallet to go with it instead of just one bag.
    Good luck.
  9. definitely the palermo, i have both and the neverfull i use for everyday. the palermo is much more versatile IMO. you can dress it up or down.
  10. I voted for the Palermo, but if you're going to use the bag around school, I would definitely go for the Neverfull GM. I just bought mine, plus with the difference in price you could almost get 2 of them!
  11. Palermo for sure!
  12. Palermo. Although I do not own one, I like the zipper feature which makes the bag more secure. The zipper closure would also protect your computer from the elements. The bag is also versatile. It can be used for more than a schoolbag!:balloon::balloon::balloon:
  13. I have the palermo, you can never go wrong with it. And it is very comfy!!!! ;)
  14. Palermo, I :heart: mine!!!
  15. This is a no brainer, Palermo PM