Palermo PM or GM?

  1. I saw these and fell in love! I just ordered the PM, nice SA on LV 800# called around and found a boutique to help me.

    The proportions of the GM pleased my eye more than the PM, though I really liked them both.

    I really loved the GM, but it just seems too big for an everyday bag. I don't work outside the home, and I don't travel a lot. I do have some largish LV - a Sac Balade, a vintage mono keepall 45, and an Alma MM (really luggage, not a bag).

    If i went with gut instinct, w/o using a measuring tape and thinking about its potential use and what I already have, I would have gotten the GM.

    Has anyone seen both IRL and can tell me their impressions?
  2. OK, I'm nuts! I just ordered the GM from the LV website, because I have a feeling this style might sell out fast. So I'll compare them when I get them. I want to be able to have the option to choose (or keep both - ARRRGH somebody save me!)
  3. I am madly in love with my GM. Remember, only the GM has adjustable straps.
  4. The PM is my next bag - for me the GM would be too big. I do love the Palermo - please both pics of both when you get them!
  5. Oh, thanks! In my feeding frenzy, I neglected to notice :greengrin:
  6. its too bad there isn't an mm because the difference between the pm and gm is very noticeable. i like the look of the gm (with the adjustable straps) and the pm seemed too small. i think you can get away with the gm, especially if you plan to wear it cross-body.
  7. What a smart thing to do! If you like big bags, maybe the PM (looks so chic IRL) will be too small for you. The size is similar to the Cabas Piano. I've also seen & tried on the GM IRL and I can tell you that it's HUGE. IMO, unless you're a super tall gal it looks like luggage on the body. Let us know what you decide & post some modeling pics for us when you get them.
  8. -- Hmmm, to me, the Cabas Piano is a lttle small. I did purchase the larger Cabas, and I liked the size, but felt it was just a big square blah tote hanging off my shoulder. I liked it so much in the pics. What I liked about the Palermo, it is a square tote with a bit of stylish flair. Is the GM waaaay bigger than the Cabas Mezzo?
  9. Coldplay, how tall are you? Are you fine boned, thin, or larger-boned? Do you feel the GM is a good everyday kind of bag, despite (or because of) its size?

    I am 5 foot 6 inches, and not thin or small-boned. Size 12/14 US in clothing. Might the GM be overwhelming to me? I do like bigger rather than smaller bags. For example (don't know if it's a good one), I have a Speedy 35, and I do not consider that a big bag, when others may think it is huge. I also have a Lockit Horizontal and love that size.
  10. Yes, the Palermo GM is bigger than the Cabas Mezzo in height, width, depth. Same goes for the Palermo PM being bigger than the Cabas Piano.

    I had the Piano and sold it awhile ago. I bought the Palermo PM and I love it because it can still fit everything that I couldn't get into my Piano.

    I also have the Mezzo which I love, but the Palermo GM was, IMO, just too big. But I liked that it had the adjustable hand straps that the PM version doesn't. But I love that both versions of the Palermo have the adjustable shoulder straps!!
  11. I just got the GM and plan to use it as my work tote, to carry books and what not. Also makes a great carry on bag and is a wonderful size. Please post pics of the pm compaired to the gm when you get them!!
  12. okey-dokey, I will.
  13. congrats on your new bag! i think the PM is the perfect sized bag unless you like your bags REALLY big