palermo pm or bh?

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  1. Hey! I am new here in this forum and I am glad to have found it! It is so addicting! I really need your help here. I am thinking of buying a new LV but don't know which one. My choices are Palermo PM or BH but I also like the Saleya. I want a shoulder bag, medium to large size that I can use everyday. I like the Palermo PM but I am not sure if I want the strap with it. If I remove it, will the handle be good enough for a shoulder bag? Is it too big for everyday bag or is it more a weekend bag? Thank you so much!!!:flowers:
  2. Palermo - it's gorgeous!! Welcome to tpf!! ;)
  3. definitely BH! not a fan of the palermo....
  4. Palermo ... so gorgeous!
  5. The handle on the pm palmeiro is not long enough to fit on your shoulder, the GM has adjustable handles, so it is long enough but the bag itself is huge.
    Really they needed to do this bag in the NM size.
  6. I am partial to the Palermo!
  7. saleya pm won't fit over your shoulder unless you are super tiny
  8. I like the palermo.
  9. hmmm...thanks guys, i think i will opt for the BH for now. i really want a shoulder bag and my budget is not more than $1000. any other suggestions perhaps? i want the palermo pm but i think you have to carry it over the shoulder. oh well...
  10. bh is a great choice, i'm not a fan of the palermo either.

    if you have a $1000 budget, why not try a neverful and get some cute accessories to go with it?
  11. hey welcome.. i think Palermo Pm is beautiful. IT's practical, you can use it as shoulder and handbag. I dont like BH b/c it doesn't have a zipper
  12. Palermo because its most effective!
  13. BH.. not a fan of Palermo. Best of Luck!!
  14. I'd go for the BH .... :tup:
  15. palermo pm.. or as someone else mentioned... saleya pm or mm... i'm not too fond of bags with open top ... ok well unless one day when i get my own car and that i drive wherever i go, then i'll get something with open top.