Palermo Pm, need some advice!

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I have bh, but i´m in love with palermo pm.
    I read from the "palermo clubhouse" that pm can not be wear crossbody.
    Could someone measure the strap how long it is?

    And some modelling pics would be great.

  2. I don't know how long the strap is but the Palermo PM can be worn across the body
  3. I have the Palermo PM and personally haven't tried to wear it across the body. I believe it can be done but I just haven't ever wanted to wear it that way. I don't know the exact measurements of the strap but I've seen pictures on the clubhouse thread that it can be worn this way. I find the strap a little short for my liking to try this. I do, however, like wearing it on the shoulder with the longer strap.
  4. ^ yep... I like to wear the palermo on shoulder as well. I hardly wear it across but if I do, it will be a short while as the strap is a little short for wearing across body. I am 5'2. How tall are you Charlotta?
  5. I don´t know how to change measurements...I´m 170 centimeters...
  6. I am 160cm so definitely, the palermo will not be comfortable across your shoulders since the strap a little short for me. It may end above your waist.

    If you have the eva, you could use the eva strap on the palermo since it is a longer strap:P
  7. The Palermo PM can be worn across the shoulder as some have already said but I think it depends on one's height and bodytype. I'm 166 cm and I can wear it messenger style but it's not really that comfortable as the strap is a bit too short. I've tried using another strap which is longer, similar to the one that comes with Eva, but I don't think it's a good idea as the clasps are not sturdy enough IMO.