Palermo PM - measurements of the strap

  1. Hey, I'm suddenly thinking of getting the Palermo PM. It seems like a very versatile bag as it can be both hand and shoulder held. But I still need to know how long is the strap? I especially need to know the lenght of the adjustable strap when it is as long as possible. Hope you know what I'm aiming at...
  2. Someone? Anyone? Please!!! :flowers:
  3. when my daughter wakes up from her nap I will measure mine :smile: should be soon!
  4. well.. quicker than I thought!!

    the strap at it's longest is 33 inches and thats almost 84 centimeters
  5. Funny! I just posted this same question. I love this bag but do not like that long strap. I want to know if the handles can fit on the shoulder.
  6. Well.. they can't fit over my shoulders, but I am not small either.
  7. Thank you so muck Taralindsey!! :ty: That's great news because it seems long enough for me to wear as a cross body bag as well, yayyy! If you have the time could you Taralindsey also measure the handels for me please? I would really appreciate it! :smile: