Palermo PM has proved to be very functional!

  1. I went to a health sciences career fair today at my University and took my Palermo PM with was the perfect choice to carry around as I walked around campus! The shoulder strap and zip top made it easy to tote and gave me the security to not feel like someone was going to reach in and steal my wallet! I was only there for an hour and a half, but I just wanted to share how much I love my Palermo! :heart:
  2. Yes, it looks like a great bag!!

    I am considering it for a tote bag. The open top bags concern me for security reasons.

  3. I love the Palermo PM! I want one badly! Congratulations!
  4. I agree. Palermo PM has many functional features. I love the adjustable and detachable shoulder strap. It is like owning two bags in one since I can either use it as a shoulder bag or a hand held bag.
  5. Yaaayy!! I love the Palermo!! Totally on my wishlist!! Glad to hear positive things!
  6. awesome! glad to hear that!
  7. Aww..I know the feeling! Good for you! :tup:
  8. Aww that's so great to hear! :smile: Congrats on an awesome bag~
  9. Thanks for sharing!
  10. I have the GM and feel the same way, kinda big for an every day bag but when you need to carry some extra, have a work or school funtion or are traveling, it's perfect, plus it's zips closed! I am traveling with my son tomorrow on two flights to North carolina, it will be perfect and stylish. I am going to carry my bosphore cross body bag and then i can put it in the palermo so the airlines think I only have one bag!