Palermo PM: hand vs. shoulder

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  1. Hi! I've seen the Palermo PM modelling pics posted here but was wondering - for those who have it, do you actually use the shoulder strap and is it comfortable? I know it's a primarily handheld bag but I have a baby and I'm sure I'll end up putting it on my shoulder most of the time. I like the shape though, but think it looks nicer if carried by hand.

    Otherwise I'm considering a real shoulder bag like the Monty GM or Galliera PM (though I would have to see if it's deep enough to compensate for no zipper).

  2. i have the palermo pm and i have used the shoulder strap with no trouble at all, very comfortable, sits well on the shoulder and with the right outfit can look chic too ;). i must admit though that i like it better hand held.:tup:
  3. I too have the Palermo PM and I use the shoulder strap. Its adjustable so can be worn across the body or on the shoulder. I especially like the fact it has so many inside pockets so its easy to find things. And if I feel like to use it as a handbag the shoulder strap is removeable. Very practical and stylish. :wlae:
  4. Thanks for the replies!! :smile: Hope you don't mind another palermo question. Just saw these pics in the Celeb and their LV's thread. Does your palermo sag on top near the handles like JLH's? Read a post a few days ago by someone saying that she heard it sags too.

    Attached Thumbnails [​IMG]
  5. it's true, when i stuff it it usually sags. but never as bad as JLH's . but then again i rarely zip my purse...
  6. Hi. I too have the Palermo PM. It's a really great bag either way. I also prefer it in the hand, it feels so girly. Sometimes though when shopping I don't want to carry it, so i just throw it on my shoulder. It's a very convenient bag, has lots of space, and I agree, it does have great pockets on the inside.

    The only downfall- my bag scrunches up somehow at the top. not sure if I'm carrying too much in it, because when I put it over my shoulder with the long strap, it will want to cave in. It wrinkles one side only. Do you get what I'm saying? All i carry is makeup, wallet, pochette accessories. That's not THAT much stuff....

    Anyone else have this problem?

    Besides this, it's wonderful!!
  7. With my Palermo PM I notice a bit of a sag but it usually goes away after I re-arrange my things inside. The fact it has lots of inside pockets I can usually put things in the pockets to balance it out and have my Dentelle Porte Tressor wallet, Pomme D'amor cosmetic case,sunglasses, Violete vernis keys holder and Perle Vernis falt envelope wallet and plenty of room for more :P
    I notice the scrunch too which can make it hard to zipp. I think because its wider on top than the botton and especially with the shoulder the strap the weight just pulls it down a bit. I learn to use the handles with I zip. Hope this helps.
  8. Thanks for all the replies. I have an idea of the "caving in" Erica is talking about. Have a non-LV bag that collapses the way she describes it. Guess will have to check out the bag at the store and make my decision then.

    Anyway, have to say it's great having this forum since you get so much input on all the bags. The way we scrutinize and report every detail is something only bag lovers can appreciate!
  9. I just saw a lady carring the Palermo PM on her shoulders today. She looked comfortable to me.