Palermo PM - 3nd thoughts, need help please...

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  1. #1 Jan 12, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2009
    I meant 2nd thoughts... (sorry for typo on the header)

    My last thread was seeking opinions on weather to get the Palermo PM or the Tivoli PM. I decided on the Palermo PM and received it today...Now I may have second thoughts as the Tivoli is so freaking cute!! I decided on the Palermo pm based on functionality and versatility.. I'm more a shoulder bag gal, but would make an exception on the Tivoli PM because is so darn femininely cute!

    I seek you help.....should I keep the Palermo or go with the Tivoli? Pros and cons. And, do you know if the either one of these will be a staple in their line, or do you think they will eventually discontinue like so many in the past (i.e. looping, etc)

    Thank you!
  2. I love both bags so this is hard. I find that I want to use the tivoli more, just because it is so cute. I have the GM, and can use the tivoli as a shoulder bag, so I get double duty out of it.
    I have the palermo pm, just because I think the GM was to big. I like the hand straps on the pm, but the shoulder strap isn't the most comfortable. I tend to use this bag as a handbag and have the shoulder strap just in I need it. I love my palermo though and wouldn't sell it. But between the two, the tivoli gm is my favorite.
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    Yep, it's so hard. It's like, should I go for function or looks. Tivoli PM sooo adorable, but it's handheld and is smaller than the Palermo PM, but it will fit all my stuff. PalermoPM is a little bigger with pockets for organization and can be use as hand held or shoulder, but not as freaking cut as the Tivoli PM. The Tivoli GM is big on me. I'm petite 5'2. Arghh.. I can only afford one, though, so it's a tuff decision for me...:confused1:
  4. Personally I'd keep the Tivoli because, like you said, it's just so freaking cute, and also I really like hand bags. I don't think the Tivoli will go out of style because it's so elegant, not very "trendy" or "right now". I guess it really depends on what you need right now, you know? It's possible to just decide on one for now and keep the other as a future possibility since they're pretty different. If right now you need a more functional bag that you can wear on the shoulder then keep the palmero, but if you don't have a great need for it then I say go for the Tivoli!!
  5. I don't find the palermo even half as cute as the tivoli - so that's where my vote goes!
  6. I have both as well, Palermo Pm and Tivoli GM. I love both for different reasons. In the end you just need to go with your gut.:yes:
  7. I have the Palermo PM -- I love it because it's so easy to use -- I only use the shoulder strap when I need to have both hands free, but it is very convenient to have. The only downside to the Palermo for me is that is so easy to use, I never bother to change bags. The Tivoli is definitely cuter -- I'd keep both if you can.

  8. I love your answer to the "downside" to the Palermo....I can see how that can happen, it's is functional...
  9. I vote for Palermo PM, the Tivoli looks like it wouldn't stay on the shoulder. I always end up using the bag that's most easy to wear.
  10. I have both Palermo PM and Tivoli Pm. The Palermo to me is more functional. Tivoli is cute. If I have to choose, I may choose Palermo. The Tivoli pm has been sitting in my closet for a year and it is hard to part with her because of cuteness but from a practical perspective, Palermo fits me better. Palermo is good for travelling too. Tivoli is a little small for my daily use. Good luck. I guess you cannot go wrong with the tivoli choice too.
  11. I would be torn between these 2 as well.. Palermo looks super functional and can be dressed 2 ways.. and Tivoli PM is just such a cute lil' hot bag! BUT only can be carried 1 way. If you are using it for everyday, stay with Palermo! Good luck, I know its a hard decision!
  12. go with your gut! i bought the palermo pm and realized that it didn't suit me because it was only hand-held and i wasn't "in love" with it. i exchanged it for NF MM b/c i thought it was more practical for my purposes but also wasn't "in love" with it. finally, i exchanged it for the galliera PM which i LOVE! haven't used it yet, but have ZERO regrets! you're probably going to want to use the one you think is cuter though, and if you return that one you'll always have bag envy of those who have it! GOOD LUCK!
  13. I wish I could have both like you, and maybe eventually I will someday. Practical/functional versus hot and cute..soo hard. :sweatdrop: Sometimes I would put my speedy 25 or any smaller bag in my Neverfull GM, so that I can carry one huge bag with folders from work and my little bag. So for everyday, I can do that if I keep the Tivoli PM. I need a vote for sure.

    Fellow TPF your votes... (I wish I did a poll originally)

    Thanks everyone!!! :smile::rolleyes:
  14. Thank you!! I can deal with the handheld because the "cuteness" factor out weighs how I carry a bag. :heart: Still on the fence...
  15. I was debating between these two bags also.......I ended up deciding on the Palermo PM and I am so happy with my choice. In the end, function wins over looks for me. When I end up carrying a bag day to day thats more "cute" but not as comfortable, I always end up going back to the bag that is easier to carry/more versatile!! Plus, I dressed up my Palermo with a cute papillon bandeau scarf and it really makes it look more attractive! Hope that helps......good luck with your decision!!!