Palermo or Tivoli

  1. Okay, on waitlist for Tivoli, but lookin at the Palermo, it's similar, just more boxed as opposed to rounded. I'm heading off tomorrow to look at/purchase my Berkeley, but was wondering if anyone had any thoughts about the Palermo vs. Tivoli? Thanks
  2. Palermo will be available sometime late next week, according to the store manager i spoke to. First time the stores will see the tivoli is Feb 8th. I am 9th on the waiting list in my store and considering they ojnly get 3 bags per type per shipment figure i will not have one until Spring
  3. From what I've heard from my SA, the Tivoli has been a major hit, whereas the Palermo has only gotten a lukewarm reception. Though they share a similar "pleated" look, the Palermo is a tote whereas the Tivoli is more of a satchel. They're really pretty different bags- and I personally prefer the look of the Tivoli.
  4. I felt the palermo was more of a casual bag, personally I like the slightly more dressy look that the tivoli has. ( I am biased though as waiting for my tivoli GM to arrive.)
  5. I likethe Tivoli GM better than any of them... Palermo PM or GM and Tivoli PM...
  6. I really like how Tivoli looks...way more that Palermo. It depends on what your needs are you need to hold file folders? If so...Palermo may be better.
  7. i am not a fan of the palermo~ get the tivoli!
  8. I think the Tivoli is so much more sophisticated than the palermo...and has more versatility for looking either casual or dressy on a day to day basis:tup:
  9. i bought both to try them out- i need a larger bag. i liked the palermo, but i thought i would be crazy over the tivoli. and, i was- it is super pretty and stunning, but it's not for me. the rounded straps aren't very comfortable on my shoulders, and i need more space. the palermo is def. more functional (for me)- the crossbody strap makes it a really great bag. if the tivoli had the flat straps of the palermo i prob. would have got that one, though.
  10. Tivoli all the way!!!!
  11. Get the Tivoli!!!!!
  12. Tivoli!!!
  13. I like Tivoli
  14. Tivoli :yes:
  15. I prefer the Tivoli too but when I tried on the GM it would not stay on my shoulders and kept slipping off .. I do like the design of it:heart: