palermo = love!

  1. hi! i just discovered the palermo while browsing online and am wondering if anyone has this? is it pretty roomy? do you like using it? anyone have pics of them wearing it? i would've just done a search, but i see there is no more search function avail?? :*(
    thanks anyone and everyone!
  2. I just got my PM last week and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it...I have used it everyday since. I have pics on the forum, but the post may be a few pages back...its a lovely shoulder bag that is super roomy w/o being huge.
  3. I also have the PM and it is my favorite LV bag ever!
  4. I was so-so about it on the LV website when it first came out, but after seeing pics of Jennifer Love Hewitt carrying it (basically seeing it on a person) I was in LUV! Its soooooo versatile.
  5. I have it too!! I have only been able to use it once because
    I have been sick at home, but I can tell that it's one of my favorite bags!!! I love all the pockets inside too!!