Palermo in MC ???

  1. Are they going to be making this? I know they are in Mono now, the Tivoli, Palermo, etc...but was wondering if anyone knows or have heard of them possibly making these styles in multicolore at any point.

    I sure hope so :heart:

    Thanks for any info guys!
  2. as far as i know, i haven't even heard plans for these to be made in damier yet. i think the palermo would be cute in mc too! :smile:
  3. caley!!!! I saw a damier palermo yesterday at my store...or at least it really looked like one, i'm almost 99% positive. if you want i can give ya the # and you can call them and ask and if so (which again, i'm almost positive i saw it) you can get it! pm if ya need too~
    xoxo :heart:

    but yes, i want a palermo in mc =p
  4. OOO I would definately get the Palermo in MC if they had one! I haven't heard of one though yet .
  5. Hmm... that would look sooo cute! Though if one wanted to SO it, the request would be denied as the bag has to be out for at least two years.

  6. Hi Gayle!
    Are you sure that you didn't see a Damier Trevi PM? It sort of looks similar to a Palermo PM..... The Trevi has rolled handles and a detachable strap and a pleat. The Palermo has flat handles, detachable strap and a pleat.

    Check out the Trevi Club:

    and also the Palermo Club:

    I don't think LV would put out a Damier Palermo so soon after the Mono Palermo has been released which was just last month..... Look how long it's taking for the Damier Neverfull to come out!! And the Damier Neverfull is a sure thing as the LV lookbook has pics of it but it's just been delayed until sometime next year.

    An MC Palermo would be nice though in the future!!
  7. It would be super cute in MC. The Tivoli I would love for sure!
  8. aww thanks dear :smile: right now i'm not sure what LV i want next. seen some pics recently of the palermo and now i want it. saw pics of your tivoli gm, now i want it lol.

  9. John, thanks! Good to know. I hope that if they do come out with a Palermo in MC they give it more detailing than they did the Griet... I love the MC line because they add the gold hardware, and really dress up the regular Monogram style. If they dressed up the Palermo alittle, it would be TDF!!!!

  10. Ahh yer good, you are right. they are so close and i honestly glanced for 2 seconds and didn't scrutinize the specifics on it. that's most likey what happened. my bad! sorry :yes:
  11. Hmm, I'm thinking they won't. I think they'll end up making a different style in MC.

    Gayle- I LOVE the little guys in your signature!