Palermo GM vs PM

  1. I really want a bag i can hold with hand and use it as a shoulder bag. im only 5' 3" but dunno if GM or PM to get. anyone have any pictures where you guys have this bag on shoulder or just holding it?? any help will be very helpful! THANK YOU!!!!!:graucho:
  2. Don't have pics, but I would go with the PM, especially if you're 5'3"...the GM is HUGE!
  3. GM is huge, they had one in the NYC store on 5th ave. The PM is a good size, just wih they had made the handles adjustable like they did on the Tivoli GM
  4. I agree, get the PM ... the GM is huge, unless of course you like really huge bags!
  5. I used to think i wanted the pm, but their is a picture of Brandy in the Celebrity section carrying the Gm and it doesn't look much bigger than the cabas mezzo.
  6. i know everyone says this bag (gm) is huge, but it's only a little larger than the cabas mezzo. i'm around 5', 5' 1" and i plan on using this as an everyday/diaper bag. i like the size for accomodating the stuff i need, but i really love that it can be hands free. if you don't need to carry lots, maybe you would prefer the smaller bag. i just don't think this is as massive as others do.