Palermo GM vs. Neverfull GM

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  1. :shrugs:Hi all, please help if you have time. I want to get one of these for my school books, etc. (3 ring binder, agenda, 2 folders, pencil holders). Thanx for all you opinions and your time.
  2. if you can afford the $ difference, difinetely get Palermo GM, it's perfect for all school stuff and it has a zipper, unlike Neverfull, and an extra longer strap!! Very comfortable! :tup:
  3. palermo!
  4. Palermo GM
  5. hey. fellow philadelphian here, are you in college or high school?....i say the neverfull. i think its more practical as a school bag than the palermo.
  6. Palermo is definitely better for the style, but as for school i can picture myself throwing around the neverfull, not palermo.
  7. Neverfull Damier. I think it will hold up the best
  8. palermo gm for sure!
  9. I prefer the Palermo GM for a few reasons:
    -the top can be closed/zipped
    -the pleats are more attractive than the plain front of the Neverfull
    -the straps are more comfortable
  10. For books, I would think the palermo would be more comfy with the straps.
  11. I voted for palermo.. looks wise it's much cuter and function wise it's also better than the neverfull because the palermo has better straps that won't dig in.. :tup:
  12. Go for Palermo if money is not a problems.
  13. palermo gm for sure

  14. Hey Neighbor............actually, I am in nursing school.

    C-ya around town...............:supacool:

    Thanx to all that have voted. It looks like Palermo GM is winning.
  15. Without a doubt, Palermo GM