Palermo GM or Trevi GM? Help!!

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  1. Since I set my eyes on the Trevi in Jan '08, I knew it was love at first sight!! But it was out of my budget! Now that I have saved up enough, my good friend has bought the Trevi! Even though she knew my love for it! Last time I asked for her opinions on the bag, she just shrugged and said it wasn't her cup of tea....And... she asked me if it was okay she had one AFTER she bought it.. Which realllly annoyed me.. (Sorry if it sounds b1tchy)

    I know it shouldnt bother me if I really like it.. but it kinda sickens me now...

    OR I could get the palermo.. however my boyfriends sister owns one and I find that weird tooo...

    Sighhh.. What to do??

    P.S: Is the PM or GM better for both models? (the size, opening and the way its held)

    TIA!!! Muahxx
  2. That's pretty nervy, just get the Trevi anyway!
  3. just dun bother what your friend said, just buy whatever you like / love.. i voted for Trevi! I have one in PM, and i love it very much... its very practical bag and it goes with anything, however the opening is quiet small...
  4. THanks 4 helping yes the trevi pm is super cute but i wana get the gm coz of the opening..
  5. Trevi GM HANDSDOWN.....

    It's a gorgeous bag and I love love mine, it's a perfect everyday bag.

    Don't worry about having the same bags as your friends, there's Louis Vuitton everywhere, you really can't avoid seeing someone with the same bag as you. Even if you have LE, just last week I saw someone with the same mirage speedy as me :graucho:
  6. my vote goes to Palermo GM; it rocks!:tup:
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    You saved up for the Trevi, so don't let your friend come between you and your goal ;) I would choose the GM size.
    Go to the store and try it on; if it's still love at first sight: buy it! If not, there are a lot of other bags in the Trevi's price range you can look at.
    Let us know what you decide!
  8. i vote to go for the trevi as well - who cares if ur friend has it? honestly, my friends don't understand my love for purses, so i don't run into that problem, but i know a few acquaintances who have the same bags as i do and it doesn't bother me. sorry ur friend hurt ur feelings, but u love and bag and saved for it, so now its time to enjoy it :smile:
  9. trevi gm
  10. Nice advice :tup:

    It's your money, you saved for it so you get the bag you really want. The Trevi GM is a really nice LV imo too ;)

    I do agree with going to the store also to try it and just to make sure. I had a Neverfull GM and after going to a LV store I bought a Palermo GM.
  11. Go for the Trevi--it's the one you've been saving for and really want! I just got a Trevi a couple weeks ago and I'm sooooo happy with it! Enjoy whatever you end up with..and post pics here!!
  12. Ugh! I would be so annoyed too. Go for the bag that you love even if your friend has it. You can always know in your heart that you wanted it first even if it wasn't in hand.

    Though, if you go for the Palermo, I think you will love it. It's a gorgeous bag. I may have to get it in the GM size!
  13. Go get trevi!
  14. TrEvI GM all the way it's such a great bag
  15. I would get the bag you had your heart set on.