palermo gm, neverfull gm, mm, mezzo, bh, comparison pics

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  1. here are some comparison pictures. i also took modeling pics, but they were really dark so i'm going to try again in another room- or daylight.

    neverfull gm is stuffed with a cabas mezzo, mm is stuffed with a speedy 25 and tambourin.

    1st photo: palermo gm, neverfull mm, neverfull gm

    2nd photo: neverfull gm BEHIND neverfull mm

    3rd photo: neverfull mm INSIDE neverfull gm

    4th photo: neverfull gm BEHIND cabas mezzo

    5th photo: staggered bags.
    100_0001_2.JPG 100_0002_2.JPG 100_0003_2.JPG 100_0004_2.JPG 100_0005_2.JPG
  2. a huge plus (for me) w/the neverfull gm and palermo gm- their interior pockets accomodate a pti/pochette size wallet. i have a beautiful pomme pochette, but it was killing me to just put it in my bag (don't know why) so i used it once for 1/2 a day. i bought an alexandra thinking that it had everything, and i just don't like it, and it arrived USED! so...

    i'm not keeping all the bags; i just didn't know what would be best for me and it's not easy for me to get in town to try bags on. i am really trying to 'minimize' and only have what i need.

    i'll post modelling shots soon.
  3. how exciting to see these comparisons. thanks for posting!
  4. Wow, thanks for the pics, that helps a lot ... let us know which one you decide to keep ... I love the palermo btw!
  5. here's some more- neverfull mm and bat hor. i prefer my bh. it feels like a more substantial bag, more like a purse and less like a thin tote. i do like the neverfull, but the bh just feels like a much more quality bag. however, the neverfull mm can def. hold more than the bh. but for me, it doesn't hold enough more for me to choose it.
    100_0001_3.JPG 100_0002_3.JPG 100_0003_3.JPG 100_0004_3.JPG
  6. great pic's, thanks
  7. i'll post modeling pictures tomorrow. i just can't get good ones tonight. daylight should help!
  8. Ahh... I'm lovin' that Palmero GM!
  9. nice bags you got there...i really like the palermo gm but now that i saw your pics i think its way too big for me. and i also like the neverfull but can't really decide which 1 to get. but thanks to your pics, now i know what i want:tup: i'll definitely put neverfull mm on top of my wishlist!
  10. I'm glad the pictures are helpful! i'd also like your opinions. please keep in mind that i am 6 months pregnant and i'm in my gym clothes, as i will be working out soon. :smile: so- here's the modelling photos- watch out scarlett!

    photo 1: neverfull gm
    photo 2: palermo gm on shoulder
    photo 3: palermo gm crossbody side
    photo 4: palermo gm crossbody front
    photo 5: neverfull mm

    do you think that the palermo is too big? i was thinking it's a bit bigger than the mezzo, which is good b/c i can fill the mezzo w/ just me and my daughter some days, and with 2 kids i'll need more room, and it can be hands free. the neverfull gm i was thinking of using as a travel/overnight bag/ when i need even more room... is it redundant?

    thanks for looking!
    100_0024.JPG 100_0032.JPG 100_0034.JPG 100_0040.JPG 100_0028.JPG
  11. i love the casual chic of the nneverfull gm.... the palermo is so close to the mezzo. IMO! of course. goodluck choosing!
  12. Wow...what a great thread! Thanks so much for all those pics.

    I just got the Neverfull GM and was wondering if I should trade it in for the Palermo GM. I love both bags and saw both the the LV store and loved both.

    I have to 2 kids also ( btw...Congrats :flowers: ) and need a *big* bag.

    I had a Mezzo, but didn't like the bottom, but loved that szie bag too.

    I think I might keep the Neverfull GM for now and later on get the Palermo GM if I still love it.

    Again...thanks for all the pics and also for the pics of you wearing the bags!! They all look great! :tup:

    I say pic between the Neverfull GM and Palermo GM..both GREAT bags!!
  13. Great bags--- the Palermo is my favorite out of all of them.
  14. After hearing talk of the Palermo GM being huge, I worried it might be that for me. But it is perfect! Not huge, IMO. I also ordered the PM, but returned it , it is very small, to me.
  15. :yes::yes::yes: