Palermo GM feels weird!

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  1. Hi everyone, I really need help on this one! So I purchase a Palermo GM on ebay last week, and I received it yesterday. Right after I took the purse out from its dust bag, I felt that something is not right here. The leather handle is so soft and smooth (tooo smooth), should it be like that? I owned a Palermo PM which I got from LV store, the handle feels rough.

    If this is fake, then it is definitely a very very good fake, because the Palermo comes with everything. All the tags, dustbag, date coded, heat stamp and the detachable leather strap (which feel sooooo soft and smooth too).
  2. post pictures up so we can see
  3. If you have doubts please post in the authenticate this LV thread and make sure to read the rules on page 1 of that thread. You'll need to post the link to the auction and everything. Don't waste time either incase you have a time limit to refund or something.
  4. Did you pay through PayPal? In that case, if the bag is fake, you can make a claim. You may need proof that your bag is fake though and I don't know if tPF could help with that.
  5. Please post in the Authenticate This LV thread in the Shopping section after reading post 1 of that thread, thanks!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.