Palermo GM Cross Body !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Thank you LV for making such a versatile bag......I can wear it across my body by adjusting the additional strap to the appropriate hole, I can wear it on my shoulders by adjusting the handles also to the appropriate hole position and it can be hand held or in the elbow if wanted too! This is my dream bag....fab zipper top with great LV charm pull, monogram pattern on bottom so no dirt worries. Now you know the one thing I always need to make my dream bag come true and that is some sort of outside pocket to throw my keys in but I am making an exception with the Palermo GM since it has so many other wonderful attributes :party:
  2. P.S. my Birkin was very jealous at the LV store and I had to remind her that it was halloween today so she needed to behave since it was her day to be glad she was orange!!
  3. Modeling pics?!?!?! :graucho:

    I wouldn't mind seeing modeling pics of the Birkin either... ;)
  4. Are there any pics??
  5. picts please!
  6. Can you please post pics?
  7. I would love to see modeling pictures since I am considering purchasing this bag.
  8. Pictures please...I would like to see it modeled in different ways because I have only seen the PM version in person and do not know what one I would rather..
  9. would love to see pics ...
  10. They sold it to you a day ahead of time? You are so lucky!! Wear it in good health.

    Please post pictures.

  11. I would really like to see pictures of this bag, I have yet to see a good picture of it, but am very VERY curious!!!!
  12. :popcorn:
  13. You've sold me to the Palermo! ;D

    I was actually considering it, but I wasn't sure if the straps would be too thin. But since it can be used across the body, shoulders and arm..I think its a useful bag to use!
  14. Congrats! Are you able to post pics for us, I live too far from the store.
  15. Pics please!