Pale Skin

  1. I've been told that silver/white eye shadows and sheer makeup looks best for pale skin, but because I have small, brown eyes, I always wonder if there's something darker I should choose.
  2. Sheer colors yes! But white and silver on pale skin NO! Too much clashing between skin and eyeshadow. Im fair skinned and I wear lots of nudes, browns, even smokygrays!
  3. I have extremely pale skin and I wear lots of pinks and browns on my face. I have blue eyes and I love to wear pink, brown, purple and green eyeshadows with lots of sparkle and then in the corners of my eyes (to open them up, and also sometimes as a base coat) I use a white, silky color. It looks great!
  4. Iridescent colors are good, but I don't know about light or pale colors; they make me look like an Easter egg, but they may work on you. Personally I like wearing earth tones and pinks/purples. Since you have brown eyes like me, I'd recommend playing with shades of green and purple; use a lighter shade on your lid and a darker shade on the outer corner/crease.
  5. I have very very pale skin too with hazel eyes and I use a pale neutral shadow (LORAC) on my inner corners of my eyes and then mostly either taupes or smokey greys on the middle lids and outer corners.
  6. I personally don't think silver and really light shades compliment pale skin very well. I say go for medium shades. That is, not too dark and not too light. You don't want to wear anything too dark either because it's going to stand out too much. In those scenarios, you're not wearing the makeup. The makeup is wearing you.
    I think matte pink would look really nice on pale skin. So would green and orange.
  7. I have pale skin and I wear a wide variety of colors. If I feel like doing a dark smoky eye, I put extra bronzer on. I think pale-skinned people can wear dark shadow colors as long as they are the right colors. If you are really super white, try a chocolate brown instead of black.
  8. Same here but not much of pink and I also can wear bronze and gold. I mainly wear Chanel eye make-up.
  9. i'm pale and i love pinks and lilacs/purples or light peachy golds :tup:
  10. How about a nice taupe? I think that colour can be flattering on most everyone.
  11. I'm quite pale as well, and not a big eyeshadow fan. When I feel like it, I'll wear shimmery pinks, purples, golds.. Nothing matte. I think matte shadows don't compliment pale skin a lot. Also, try to match the colours to your palette. I mean, wether you're warm or cool toned.