Pale Rose Work/Office w/ hefty price tag!!!

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  1. gorgeous though :drool:
  2. pretty, but ~ouch!~
  3. Wow it's beautiful!! Does pink faded easily or that a characteristic of pink?
  4. they must want to hold onto it... pretty, but this color's rep freaks me out. I know my friend w/ a pale pink city looks fine, but she never uses it. she just takes it out and looks at it. :lol:
  5. I have purchased from this seller before; nice bags, but a bit on the pricey side, imo.
  6. Her bags are always overpriced.
  7. yeppers, the price is a bit high for a work, but beauty's in the eye of the beholder :tender:...i wouldn't pay nearly $2K for any b-bag, but lots of gals here do because it's their holy grail (just look at what the eggplants have been going for)...this is a brand new bag in a discontinued color & if you buy one in the store today it will cost you $1500 including taxes ;)
  8. I think a couple hundred over retail for a discontinued color is not a big deal, at all. I'd rather have my holy grail bag than stress out wondering if I'll ever find it again, but at a better price.
  9. ^^ ditto!!! :tender:
  10. YIKES, that's pricey! but if i were looking for a pale rose work, it probably wouldn't deter me :shame:
  11. Holy!!! :drool:

    I'd be worried sick everytime I used this though... Would hafta kill myself if I ever got it dirty, which I prolly will :shame:
  12. I agree, Violets. Besides, the seller has eBay and paypal fees to take care of. So, retail price, plus eBay and paypal fees, little is left.
  13. This is a spring 2006 bag...not a 2005 bag.

    So, it is definitely not worth $1699! :wtf: