Pale Rose HOOK bag! SP:$399. or BIN $499.

  1. That is sooo cute!! Never seen that before!
  2. wow that is pretty. what a steal!
  3. My Mom got a white hook. It's a different style, flatter but I really love it. I think these bags are sleepers. It is one of my favorite bags on her. It looks great.
  4. I saw a similar bag (in the Ink color) at the Barneys NY (Chestnut Hill). It was a really nice size ... I've been trying to figure out if this would be a good size as a traveling purse ...
  5. ^^^I think it would be a great traveling bag. It kind of reminds me of a duffle. You may want to go debate different sizes IRL.
  6. Wow, that bag is gorgeous! Unfortunately, someone just bid on it so no more BIN. :sad:
  7. Why do people do that! The BIN was great IMO.
  8. I know! Ugh. Maybe when there's only one day or less left but when it's a long time from ending, it's a stupid strategy.
  9. It's an option that the Seller can setup within eBay. So, you have either:
    • If someone bids, the BIN goes away -OR-
    • The BIN stays regardless of anyone bidding
    Most sellers will use the first option because a bid always invokes more interest and the expectation is that the final (winning) bid will be greater than the BIN.
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