Pale Rose City Submit Best Offer or BIN of 879

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  1. I started a thread re this auction.
    Pretty bag though.
  2. is this the larrys bag?
  3. oh yeah. for sure Larry's bag. NOT Lampo. I am so glad that this seller cleared this up for everyone. ;)
  4. good price, if it stays that way !
  5. She took a best offer for $775.
    That's a great deal if it was definately authentic!
  6. is this bag 100% AUTHENTIC??
  7. ^Yes, it is. Did you get it?
  8. How can you tell its authentic? There are no pics of the hardware, tag, etc...
  9. yah i'm the winning bidder ^_^~>.. was sorta suprised she accepted my offer too!
  10. There was a SS06 pink city that closed at $720 earlier today.
  11. oh really... EVEN BETTER DEAL :P
  12. Congrats, Eping! What a great deal!
  13. Thanks Pippop..

    i'm on a balenciaga bag streak... kakak ^_^~

    well i really wanted a darker color... but this was so pretty!
  14. I contemplated putting in an offer, but she never sent me any additional pictures that I requested.

    Very pretty bag!!
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