Pale Rose City, Cornflower Office/Work, and Rosa satin clutch

  1. I have a Pale Rose City, Cornflower Office/Work, and a pink (rosa) satin clutch with gold hardware at my NM. Please PM if you need contact info or would like leave me your number for me to call.

    Pictures with and without flash:


  2. off topic a bit..but i really hope you wont get in trouble for putting bags on hold without a customer asking you to type of thing. Im not familiar with the rules in NM, but I know a few sa's on another forum were repremanded for doing something similiar with christian L. shoes.!!!

    i guess management thought that it wasnt fair to have SAs put things on hold for there friends etc while there might be customers in the store looking for them etc etc..dunno hehe
    I dont shop NM much because they dont accept visa and there interest rate is freakin ridiculous, but i still come there quite often to oogle the bags and play around haha! im so glad they made a bigger area for the purses..its like the entire half first floor now yay! ill stop by to say hi next time im u work at the chanel counter also?? or JUST balenciaga?
  3. I already talked to my manager and he gave me the OK. The only thing is, I don't hold these things for days or weeks. I hold them for a couple of days and if no one wants them, then I put them back out. Luckily, I already have someone who claimed the pale rose city. If no one is interested in the cornflower work then I am going to put it back.

    I actually work in the whole handbag department so anything! I'm just stationed right next to the Balenciagas so I get most of the phone calls about them.
  4. The pale pink city has been spoken for.
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