Pale Rose Box Anyone?

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  1. It's mine! My first Balenciaga, I am now doing a happy dance.
  2. i have always wanted a pale rose... but i heard that they fade and yellow after a while!! i have changed my mind a little bit.. any thoughts?!
  3. I don't know about the yellowing and fading, but if you are interested, there's still one at "The Real Deal"...

    ...and congratulations's gorgeous. I'm always tempted by that's scrumptious! Enjoy it!!!
  4. Thanks Maggien!

    I can hardly wait to get her home!
  5. Congrats Kissme!:nuts:
    Had you seen her before, or when just when I posted it? Either way - I'm super excited for you and can't wait to see pix.:yahoo:
  6. This is the first time I'm seeing "The Real Deal" - but, in looking quickly, there are only a few bags listed on the main page and I'm not seeing a BBag. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.
  7. The site is quite reputable and well known on this board. I purchased an LV from them recently. They wrap it to protect it while they're storing/shipping it.
  8. Hi Shamrock,

    I always check Ann's first thing in the morning, so I saw it,ordered it, then came to TPF.

    It's been an expensive day for me - I bought two pairs of shoes at lunch too. :devil:
  9. LOL!!! I always go to Ann's site first thing in the morning, too! I peruse the lovely bags while drinking coffee. It helps me to wake up!

    Sounds like you had an exhausting day of shopping. Good for you and congrats again on your beautiful new bag.

    I know she'll look fantastic on you.
    Can't wait to see pix.
    Have a happy Wednesday. :heart:
  10. Oh they're legit and WONDERFUL to deal with. Helpful, friendly, fast and answer any and all questions almost immediately. They are a big favourite. They just take super-good care of their stock - thus the wrapping.
  11. So pretty!:love: Thanks for posting, Shamrock!:yes: I hope a PFer got her!