pale rose bbag!

  1. hey guys,

    i really wanna add a pale rose bbag to my baleciaga collection...what do you guys think of the color! will it be hard to match and carry around?
  2. I just got one the other day. I love it. Its so pale that its kind of neutral. I posted a pic in the "wearing your balenciaga thread". It is VERY PRETTY.
  3. I have a pale rose bag and I love the color, however this is someone on here who had a big problem with this color. It got discolored and everything. As for me, I haven't had any issues, I love it and I pair it with a great pair of jeans all the time.
  4. Here is a pic of the bag I got the other day. Im pretty sure this is PALE Rose.
  5. it's beautiful!!!
  6. I think Pale rose is beautiful! Luccibag--your purse is gorgeous!:heart:
    There's a pic in the Celebrity thread of Christina Aguilera carrying a Pale Pink Day/Hobo. I love it sooo much! I almost bought one just because of the pics, but I have read some posts about problems with discoloration.:sad:
  7. i have a pale rose city and it goes with almost anything!! it looks great with jeans and greys, purple, whites, black etc.

    the handles do get dirty easily tho (as do handles of all light coloured bbags) so make sure you use some sort of protectant on it
  8. I got one a few months back and sold it. The color didn't match my style :sad:

    Here are some pics of mine. It was really pretty, but just not my style at all. It was very ... pale...bland - if that makes any sense lol.
  9. LivinLuxuriously I don't know how you could part with that bag! I have the pale rose city & the leather is so thick & scrumptious on the rose (& white) this season ... I think they were the best texture this spring. Every time I see a photograph of the pink I want to save it!! I'm a sucker for the Bbag pastel shades.
  10. Oh pinkie no, mine was NOT thick and NOT smooth - it was waxy and crinkly! I got it in February, so the leather may have been different? It was so thin and just awful compared to my 05 black city. That contributed to me selling it.
  11. i don't have one, but i personally think this is not my style of colour.
    although it's a very neutral color that'll go with anything
  12. That's a shame... maybe the earlier ones were thinner but those I've seen (and this was around Easter when I got mine) they were really squishy gorgeous leather. The colour for me goes with most everything as it is so pale with just a touch of rose... so close to white/ivory. It's actually a lot like the calcaire and I was debating getting one because I have the twiggy in that shade. Rationalized getting the rose city because of the size ;)) ... Bbags are so irresistible, every season I think I won't be interested and they just have the most beautiful colours of leather. Now I'm fighting the desire for a rouge, blue india, grenat, sapin and/or truffle ... would love a black but I never get past the colors, (& I certainly can't afford one in each shade)!?!!
  13. love pale rose, matches with most of my outfits! love it more than my ice blue, i dunno why! the pics are so gorgeous!!!
  14. thanks guys!!! all the pale roses look so cute in the pictures...i reallie reallie like it...but im worried about the discolorations...

    does putting apple guard or protectant stuff on it really help? especially with the handles?

    and do u guys find this bag hard to take care of like white ones? thanks!!!
  15. i've been toting my rose bbag around for about a month...i've used it about 10 times or so and haven't had to clean it yet. i did spray it with a leather protector...but that's it! the handles will eventually turn a tad bit grey...but that's expected of all light coloured bags IMHO.