Pale Rose '06 Day - low BIN!

  1. I've place a "high "offer, but I'm still worried about the yellowing factor on this bag as it ages.

    Hopefully someone here really really wants this bag and BIN'S it with furious excitement.
  2. It's beautiful!!!:heart: I've been wanting a pale rose day since I saw Christina Aguilera wearing. But, I'm so freaked out about the issues with yellowing on this color and the customs fees.:wtf: Man, it's such a great deal ,though. Hope a PFer gets it!:flowers:
  3. Oh, no! Just as i was about to sumbit my offer, someone won it for the same price! lol! I guess it wasn't meant to be! :P Hopefully, a Pfer won it!
  4. Someone got a great deal!
  5. Me! But I don't want it!!
    I am the worst shopper ever!
    I see something on sale and POOF!

    Chigirl is going to laugh her ass off at me.
  6. Since Chigirl isn't here yet.....


    just kidding! But since pupster wants it....maybe you could work something out with her???

    It's very pretty though!
  7. It is pretty , but totally NOT on my list.

    I'm a moron.
    Oh well, at least I know I can probably resell it for what I paid, or I could totally fall in love with it and pretend to be Xtina in front of the mirror.
  8. I'm sure you can recoup what you paid for it, there seems to be plenty of interest in it! I've done the same thing, my mind just jumps at the idea of a good deal, despite whether or not I want's terrible, so I understand!
  9. Ah the joys of bidding on ebay ( I've been there too) Oh but if your Christina I wanna be Nicole! :wtf: At least...with her bag collection :graucho:
  10. ...all I need now is a boob job.
    i have red lipstick.

    at least the bag is brand new.
    she JUST bought it last month.
    That's great news! YAY!
  11. winona, you crack me up!:roflmfao:
    We've all done that, and you can totally sell it. Pupster, where are you????
  12. Hmmmm.. I need to lose some boobage (and general curvage) to be let's trade...I'm're Nicole

    " Dirtay! Sweat drippin off of my'z about time for my arrival...."

    Good news about the newness of the bag! It seems like it wanted to be with you so you two could paint the together!
  13. ^^


    Yeah I'm glad it's brand new and such a good deal.
    I bet I'll love it. What balenciaga is not to love. Worst case scenario is that another Pf'er will get a great new bag at a low price, or a trade or something...
  14. aw winona77 you snagged it! i've been looking for a light colored day. hope i can find one for a great price too!