Pale pink yellows? Advice pls

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  1. I've just gotten a pale pink and I'm waiting for shipment. It seems like this color will yellow with time? How can I prevent this? I'm thinking how about LMB's handle cream for the whole bag??
  2. I love that color but it seems they all yellow so why not give it a try? Let some pale rose owners weigh in on this. I would love to find a solution because I would like to have that color but the splotchy fading, and yellowing worry me.:confused1:
  3. I have a pale rose Purse. I sprayed it with AG before I started using it. It still looks as good as new. It really is a fabulous color!
  4. I have the same experience as Kat. I've had my pale rose city for almost 4 months now. I did treat it with Apple Garde conditioner soon after I got it (AND Coach conditioner too :Push: ) but it still looks as good as new today. The color hasn't faded at all yet... *crossing fingers* that it doesn't anytime soon. I love this color.

    From my experience, it seems that all light colored bbags will fade and yellow eventually. I still love these colors though even when they have faded, so I won't avoid buying them just because of this...
  5. i have pale rose woark and it's turned yellowish for some time now...the handles darken easily....i guess cuz i didn't treat it with anything in paticular....

    i tried the cornstarch to remove the dirts on the handles but that didn't seem to work (i guess maybe some say it works because cornstarch is white so when u apply it onto the handles, it seems like handles are lighter color)

    anyways, if u like the color, u shouldn't worry about the yellowing...

    cuz i love the color and i'm over the yellowing now :smile: