Pale pink vs beige woc

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  1. Hello! I'm looking into getting the woc to use during formal events. I had wanted the medium pale pink or rose antique with ghw, but that's available anymore in stores (sob). They do have the beige one word ghw though. Which do you think would be most versatile?
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  2. Do you have any pictures of the bags you’re referring to?
  3. Omg I didn't realize I made so many typos in my original post! Clearly, I can't type on my phone lol.

    @Miss World I'm attaching photos of the colors I was talking about
    Screenshot_20181024-161747_Google.jpg Screenshot_20181024-161832_Google.jpg
  4. Both are stunning and very versatile. I do have a soft spot for antique rose coloured purses, they’re very pretty and feminine. You can never go wrong with beige and gold combination, it’s a classic colour combination for YSL, Chanel etc. If you really want the rose antique colour I think you should look online more or even buy preloved. :smile:
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  5. I would love to buy a pre loved rose antique woc, but it seems like no one wants to give theirs up because I can't find any for sale at the moment. I will take your advice and wait though because I really love the color. Hopefully Saint Laurent will bring back the color with ghw in the medium size next year!
  6. To me these two would be just as versatile. So hard, both are beautiful! But I think that I would go for beige if I had to pick one, "luckily" I don't have this problem right now cause it would be really hard to really make a choice! (Ok, I would actually love to have this problem! Sigh! Gorgeous bags!) :smile:
  7. Go with the pink, just because it's stunning. The beige just look blah to me.
  8. I’m the odd one out, I prefer beige as it’s a more versatile colour than pink. Go with what makes your heart sings.
  9. Ohhh I (kind of) had the same issue! I saw the pink+ghw on a number of YouTube reviews and it looked stunning, especially when paired with a nice dress and some nude heels. As this colour combo was no longer available, I bought the black+ghw (which is equally as stunning). But I’m still craving for the pink+ghw.... The beige one doesn’t appeal to me as much, it feels less dressy & girly (although more versatile).
  10. i got really lucky and found someone who was willing to part with her pale pink with ghw WOC! i'm over the moon! i hope you find your pink+ghw too :smile:
  11. Ahhh congratulations!! Enjoy your beautiful new WOC :smile: I’ll wait and pray that SL will bring back the colour next year... (and by then I won’t feel as guilty about buying two identical bags haha)
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  12. I have the WOC in Rose Antic and I love it! But if I had to choose between the two above I'd go for the pink =)
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  13. Omg, the Rose is so so so pretty
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