Pale Pink Twiggy Bin $699

  1. wow! what a great price! someone needs this!
  2. link? :biggrin:
  3. Why does the auction say this bag retails for $1600, I thought the twiggy was $1055-$1095?
  4. yeah, they definitely got that wrong.:shocked: (eventhough it says w/ tax included)
    the bag looks good though.
  5. That is so so pretty!!! Someone please grab this good deal!
  6. Great deal! I had to chuckle when I read "Today, you are Royalty". Lol.

    Why are all these gorgeous bags popping up with great prices?
  7. That is a great BIN! I really hope someone gets this. This color is so much more beautiful IRL! :heart:
  8. hmmm, if I get this I can return my Pink City...hmmm, hmmm,
  9. ^^ Do you have any other twiggys already Donna?
  10. Go for it Donna! It's a DAMN GOOD DEAL!
  11. Looks like the ring for the tassels on the outside pocket zip has come off. How does one zip/unzip without something to hold on to?
  12. ^^ Oh, that's true. :confused1: I didn't see that. I'd try to just put the tassels through the zip itself.
  13. you can also put a charm or something and loop it ... i'd dirty this poor colour so fast